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Saturday, 18 July 2015

How To Improve Android Gaming Performance

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improving android gaming performance

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Android is an open source, easy to understand, smooth user interface and a best gaming platform. Many HD games are being released by popular companies like Gameloft. Even though android is the best gaming platform, games are not much smooth when compared to ios games. This is because there are many factors influencing android gaming performance. Sometimes, even high-end android devices experience lag during gaming. This arises a thought of changing the gaming platform to ios. But the truth is android is the most customisable platform. Even small tweaks works like charm and improve gaming performance. Today i will give you the list of things to do before gaming in android.

1) Avoid the usage of Live Wallpapers 

how to improve android gaming performance

Live wallpapers make your android look live and beautiful, but this is the culprit behind the poor performance. These live wallpapers consume more than half of the ram leaving a very less memory for gaming. Try to use a wallpaper of size less than 1Mb. This frees up your memory and boosts performance. Also remove window animation in settings, it reduces ram consumption.

2) Reduce the usage of Widgets

How To Improve Android Gaming Performance

The more widgets you use, the more ram is consumed. Keeping widgets on your home screen makes your work easy but excess usage of widgets leads to poor performance. So reduce the usage of widgets. It would be better if you remove them all.

3) Kill background apps and free your Ram

How To Improve Android Gaming Performance

Try to close all opened apps before gaming. Even if you close them some of the apps run in background which consumes Ram without being noticed. Use third party apps like "Advanced task killer" to kill background processes. Do it very frequently because the number of apps running in background keep on increasing. You can also use apps like "Memory Booster" and "Speed booster" to boost your memory. These apps have options like auto boost for which we can set time interval.

4) Overclock your android device processor   

How To Improve Android Gaming Performance

Overclocking means setting your processor to work at its full capacity. This process requires rooting. If you don't know what rooting is then check this guide1. if  in this guide you are fail try this one guide2. But this overclocking can cause problems like device overheating, hanging etc. So do this at your own risk. This procedure is different for different android devices so just Google your android device model number followed by overclocking.

5) Reduce game memory by using Chainfire 3d 

How To Improve Android Gaming Performance

Chainfire 3d is an application that reduces the memory consumed by the game drastically by reducing the game textures and quality. This app requires superuser access and your device needs to be rooted for this app to be installed. You can download chainfire 3d from playstore for free. After installing chainfire 3d open it and select Default OpenGL settings and check "reduce texture quality" and "reduce texture size".

Completing all the above steps improves your Android gaming performance dramatically. If you find this post useful then please share it.

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