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Monday, 22 June 2015


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Facebook has really become a part of our daily routine or our life. So it would be cool to do some interesting stuffs on facebook to impress your friends then Today i am going to share with you guys 4 awesome Facebook Tricks. Like posting facebook status upside down, blank facebook status and more.

1. Posting Blank Status On Facebook

facebook tricks
In order to post blank status on your facebook page or profile copy below code and paste it in the status box. This trick does not work for comments.
@[0:0: ]

2. Posting Status Upside Down

facebook status upside down
To post facebook status upside down or you can say to flip some text follow simple steps listed below
  1. Go To FlipText Website
  2. Enter you text in text area and click on Flip
  3. Copy the upside down text and paste it in your facebook status.
  4. Cool!!

3. Posting FacebooStatus In Blue Color

facebook tricks
In order to post your facebook status in blue color then copy below code in your status box and replace Enter your status here with your text.
@@[0:[0:1:Enter your status Here]]

4. Wishing Happy BirthDay In Unique Style

facebook chat trick
To wish some one happy birthday in unique style with color full text and images inside facebook chat messenger then copy below code into your chat box and press enter.
[[304995709606783]] [[304995722940115]] [[304995716273449]] [[304995719606782]] [[304995712940116]] [[304995796273441]]
[[304995802940107]] [[304995806273440]] [[304995799606774]] [[304995792940108]] [[304995892940098]] [[304995882940099]]
[[304995889606765]] [[304995896273431]] [[304995886273432]] [[304995976273423]] [[304995972940090]] [[304995979606756]]
[[304995969606757]] [[304995982940089]] [[304996079606746]] [[304996076273413]] [[304996072940080]] [[304996066273414]]
[[304996069606747]] [[304996156273405]] [[304996159606738]] [[304996162940071]] [[304996166273404]] [[304996169606737]]

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