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Wednesday, 17 June 2015


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Hi All
Welcome back . As promised today we are going to learn Advanced Phishing for hacking facebook password of victim(anybody having account on ) .
 What do you mean by Phishing? Get a brief introduction on Phishing here.
For doing Phishing we’ll need one Phisher page  that looks same like login page of target website but is used for catching victim’s username and password.
As of now we’ll provide you ready phisher file for Facebook(latest version) . Click here to download(Zipped file password protected)
Steps to Hack password of Facebook account using Phishing
  1. At first you will have to create one Free Web Hosting Account to host phisher page in Web. There are various websites offering free web hosting feature with sub-domain. You can use,,,, etc.I am using for this tutorial. So create an account and choose domain name of your preference.I have created for phishing tutorial purpose.
  2. Now open your Cpanel there look for domain registration and add your domain name in that.
  3. Now open Cpanel of your free web hosting account and go to File Manager under Files.file_manager_phishing
  4. File Manager architecture will be different for different hosting sites. In File manager you will find one default index.html page. You have to delete that file and upload the index.html file present in the downloaded folder along with error.php, log.txt and the other folder . Please make same file structure in file manager as downloaded folder.Directory Structure in File ManagerAll images and JavaScript files required are added in folder. That has to be same in order to have everything correct.
  5. That’s it. Now open your sub-domain i.e . It will be same Facebook like page. This link is the phisher link you have to send to the victim.Facebook Phisher Pageclick to enlarge image
  6. Now as victim input his username and password  to login. After pressing login button a script will run and save credential details in log.txt file uploaded to file manager before and the fake page will redirect to original Facebook login page , Victim will not able to find what happened and he’ll thing some glitch may be the reason.Log in phisher page
  7. Now open log.txt file there you will find login name and password.Credentials hacked
So, that’s all. Hacking has been done.You have got the username and password. you can customize redirect page link and also phisher page yourself.
Disclaimer: This tutorial is purely published for educational purpose, to spread knowledge about how hackers can steal your facebook credentials. So, this is an urge from HackingKart Communityto refrain yourself from doing any ill practisce using this turorial.Have a look on our publicdisclosure on Hacking Resources available on
You can avoid such attempts from stealing your confidential data, account hacking. Learn how to make your surfing Safe.

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