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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

How To Secure Your Facebook Account From Hackers

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How To Secure Your Facebook Account From Hackers 2015 – Facebook is a very large social media network. Now this network became very popular all over the world. In starting this network was limited for college students of Mark ,Then this networks was for all the college students. And now this website can be used by every person above 13 years.Today there are many cases arises of Facebook Hacking 2015 So in this post i will tell you the method to secure your facebook account from hackers. As There are so many hacking methods by which a hacker can easily crack your facebook password 2015. So safety is better than cure.

How To Secure Your Facebook Account From Hackers 2015

How To Secure Your Facebook Account From Hackers
How To Secure Your Facebook Account From Hackers

Steps To Secure Your Facebook Account From Hackers 2015 :-

There are many ways by which hackers can attacks on your account So below i have listed the various methods to secure your account.


Always create a strong password of your account .As there must not be a password which gets easily guessed by the hackers. As there is a hacking technique calleddictionary attacks in these attacks compare your password with every  english word.So if you have password in simple english words than it will get easily tracked by the hackers so always use complex passwords like “tehhacks!@#$%“.


Confirm your mobile number in your facebook account.This will help you to reset your password when you lost it.And you will also get notification about the change of password in your mobile.


This the most impotant part of facebook account security for preventing unauthorized access to your account .You must activate this now.For that just go to Account Settings->Security-> Secure Browsing->Edit->Browse Facebook on a secure connection->Save Changes.


  • Always keep your email id hidden from everyone for that go to my profile, andpersonal information, and let you id be visible to only you.
  • Also remove all your email addresses, and change the primary one as the one which is known to you only.
  • Now for additional safety, use the secure browsing and send an email when logged into from another browser option active in your account.


In Facebook login approvals is an extended security feature and it will require you toenter a security code each time you try to access your Facebook account from unrecognized devices. So to activate Login Approvals, go to Account Settings > Security, look for Login Approvals and click on the Edit button and tick the check box and a pop up will apperar click on set now option. Now follows the steps there and after some steps facebook will confirm a security code from your android device.


This could involve any trick that could fool you into giving out your personal detailsand also from your security questions in general discussion to mails that could be aspam, or somebody from Facebook asking you to change your personal Facebook details to the one told by them to do. These all are spam mails Be aware of these mails.
Also to prevent yourself from being fooled in such tricks stay cautious all the time amd also  keep security question to which answers would remain confided to you only . Facebook will never ask you to change password so all the related mails can fool you and your facebook account can be in danger.


Facebook provides a very helpful feature to track active sessions.You can see that by going  Account Settings > Security page, look for ‘Active Sessions’ and click on Edit and kill all the activities from this. This will log out your facebook account from that devices which you have killed.


When you are at login screen of facebook there you see a option Keep Me Logged In ,Don’t keep it check as this will remain your account login in that device and your account can be easily accessed by any other who is able to use the device .So also remind to don’t tick the option Kep Me Logged In.


These are more common attacks by hackers to user. In this attack hacker send a link to user and the link will open the exactly same looking facebook page but only difference is that when you enter you facebook ID and password that will not go to facebook it will be sent to hacker . So don’t open such links.


Keylogger is a virus that can be installed into your computer by a cracker, and keep a track of all the activities happening in there and it can be done remotely, and even more easily if the cracker has personal access to the computer. Also this keylogger will records all your keystrokes with screenshots.

#11 Incognito

When you are using the account in public such as in hotel or in café use private mode or Incognito as it will prevent any cookies or web history from getting stored. But if you do not find any option then delete all the cookies and web history when you log out.

#12 Use secure connection

Facebook account should be set to use the secure connection that is denoted by HTTP before the URL address and this can be set by going to settings>General> browser connection. You should always use VPN for login.
How To Secure Your Facebook Account From Hackers 2015 – So above are the common ways by which your facebook account can be danger . By getting aware from these you can easily secure your facebook account. And this will protect all your personal chats and many more of your facebook account which you don’t want to share with anyone. Hope you like the post .Don’t forget to share this .Leave a comment below about your experience with facebook hacking attacks 2015.

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